Private Sessions

Janelle offers two kinds of private sessions:
Feldenkrais Functional Integration® sessions and Child’Space® Baby & Caregiver sessions

Feldenkrais Functional Integration Sessions

In a private session, called Functional Integration sessions or FIs, clients lie on a table, comfortably dressed, while Janelle uses sophisticated techniques of gentle touch to reorganize posture, movement and self-image. FIs used to alleviate pain and movement restriction, and to expand mental and physical functioning.

Depending what each client wishes to improve, FIs can be effective on as needed basis, or weekly for a period of time. Common issues Janelle works to resolve include:


  • Injuries
  • Repetitive stress
  • Age-related issues
  • Physical traumas

Child’Space Sessions for Baby and/or Caretaker

Babies learn through movement and touch. The intricate process of development is ready to emerge in each baby, while some elements may need to be awakened, cultivated and given attention – when the time is right. Using the Feldenkrais-informed Child’Space method, Janelle supports what each baby has already embodied and identifies what’s missing, setting it in motion.

With gentle touch and on-the-floor attention, the baby readily adopts the integrated movement and comes to enjoy new experiences–lying on their belly, rolling, sitting upright, crawling–mastering the associated visual, vocal, cognitive, emotional and somatic skills. Parents, day care providers and other caregivers can use simple techniques to support the baby’s development.

Child’Space sessions can be arranged in weekly appointments, block immersions or small group gatherings. Learn more and inquire through her Child’Space Seattle website.