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Awareness Through Movement® 

Awareness Through Movement Feldenkrais Group LessonFeldenkrais Awareness Through Movement classes consist of effortless exercises that create dramatic, immediate improvements in flexibility, posture, coordination and comfort. This comprehensive system includes exercises that address every joint and muscle group in the body while enhancing attention, imagination and self-awareness.


LOCATION: Fremont Space Building, 600 N. 36th St. Suite 307

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Child’Space Baby & Parent Classes

Mom with babySupporting & Enhancing Babies’ Development – Laying the Groundwork for Lifelong Learning

Tummy Time Workshop

Does your baby fuss while on their tummy?  In this gentle workshop you will gain techniques to support your baby, through touch and movement, so they begin to love tummy time.  Understand why tummy time is important for your baby’s development.  Your baby will begin to choose to lie on their front spontaneously and will explore while on their belly, as you discover the intricacies of the unfolding developmental process.

“Since taking off work for my son’s first year, I have had the great opportunity to sign-up for a variety of baby classes in Seattle; if I were to have to choose only one of the classes to attend each week, I would definitely choose Janelle’s movement class as it has had such a strong impact on my son’s development and my own parenting practice. I especially appreciate Janelle’s class’s pace and level of stimulation, which were just perfect and incredibly responsive to my baby’s needs, and to me as a parent—this real-time responsiveness is a special talent of Janelle’s, and is something remarkable and uncommon in most baby classes.”   Marian Wagner, Elementary School Teacher

Private Sessions for Babies & Parents

Clasping handsBabies learn through movement.  The intricate process of development is ready to emerge in each baby, while some elements may need to be awakened, cultivated and given attention – when the time is right.  Janelle supports what each baby has already learned to embody and also identifies what is missing, setting it in motion. The baby readily adopts the integrated movement and uses it.  Janelle shares with parents how to enhance their baby’s development through proprioceptive touch.  Touch sends messages to the brain – building maps that dictate how a person moves throughout their life.

Enriching our babies’ possibilities through neuromuscular learning while deepening our relationship through bonding with touch.

Janelle’s office for Private lessons: 3417 Fremont Ave N #300

Parent with Baby