Group Classes

Janelle offers two kinds of group classes:
Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® classes and Child’Space® classes for babies & caregivers

Awareness Through Movement Classes

Janelle is holding Awareness Through Movement Class via Zoom.

Details & Registration

  1-hr ATM Tuesdays 2-3pm  
  1.-hr ATM Tuesdays 7-8pm

REGISTER: Pre-registration required! Contact Janelle to reserve your space.

FEE: $20/class or special corona discount offered to those who need to pay less

FORMAT: Zoom videoconferencing.

Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement classes consist of effortless exercises that create dramatic, immediate improvements in flexibility, posture, coordination and comfort. This comprehensive system includes exercises that address every joint and muscle group in the body while enhancing attention, imagination and self-awareness.

Janelle works weekly with a small group of adults, gearing her lessons towards their needs and concerns. Over time, participants have found improvement in balance, pain management and movement limitations.

1-hr ATM classes happen every Tuesday at 7pm and folks of all abilities are welcome. Class size is small; pre-registration required.

1-hr ATM classes are held Tuesdays at 2pm. This extended class includes additional Feldenkrais movements focusing on bone density. 

I have worked with Janelle personally both in ATM classes and FI sessions, and; I have found her to be a sensitive and knowledgeable practitioner. Janelle’s kindness and expertise in the Feldenkrais method is palpable in your first meeting with her. She addresses ones concerns with the utmost humility and compassion, the results that I have achieved through her work have led to an increase in my well-being and comfort. So it is with uncommon enthusiasm that I recommend Janelle services to anyone seeking better movement patterns and an overall sense of ease.
Mark A. Tomski, M.D

Child’Space Baby & Caregiver Classes

Child’Space Baby & Caregiver classes are an interactive setting in which Janelle shares techniques of touch: supporting baby’s development and stimulating growth activity in his or her brain. Babies learn primarily through movement. A parent’s touch can help babies become more comfortable in many positions. Parents learn to support their baby’s movement, encouraging balanced and coordinated sitting, crawling, and walking. Through developmentally appropriate games, songs, and parent’s hands-on techniques, babies approach and refine their reaching, crawling, cruising, climbing steps, squatting, and balance in standing. These movements are the building blocks for becoming a proficient walker.
Since taking off work for my son’s first year, I have had the great opportunity to sign-up for a variety of baby classes in Seattle; if I were to have to choose only one of the classes to attend each week, I would definitely choose Janelle’s movement class as it has had such a strong impact on my son’s development and my own parenting practice. I especially appreciate Janelle’s class’s pace and level of stimulation, which were just perfect and incredibly responsive to my baby’s needs, and to me as a parent—this real-time responsiveness is a special talent of Janelle’s, and is something remarkable and uncommon in most baby classes.
Marian Wagner

Elementary School Teacher