“The most sophisticated and effective method I have seen for
the prevention and reversal of deterioration of function.”
– Margaret Mead

There are two ways of learning the Feldenkrais Method, hands-on individual
lessons and group lessons. Both are based on simple ideas: teaching people to
be aware how they are moving and how to increase their options and comfort.
In a private session, the student lies on a low table, comfortably dressed, while Janelle uses sophisticated techniques of gentle touch to reorganize posture, movement and self-image. It is used to alleviate pain and movement restriction, and to expand mental and physical functioning. Available at any time by appointment.

Group classes consist of effortless exercises that create dramatic, immediate improvements in flexibility, posture, coordination and comfort. This comprehensive system includes exercises that address every joint and muscle group in the body while enhancing attention, imagination and self-awareness.

Classes include: Awareness Through Movement; Bones for Life; Child’Space for Babies & Parents