Janelle Keane Campoverde

The grace, simplicity and effectiveness of the Feldenkrais Method® forms the core of Janelle’s long-standing professional career as a dancer, teacher and practitioner. Introduced to Feldenkrais in the early 1990s, Janelle quickly devoted herself to study with established teachers such as Russell Delman, Ruthy Alon, Mark Reese, Alan Questel and Chava Shelhav. She has been a Board Certified Feldenkrais practitioner since 1994. Other complementary trainings include Alexander Technique, Freeing the Natural Voice, Neuromuscular Re-Education and Co-Regulating Touch.

An accomplished dancer and dance teacher, Janelle traveled to study with master teachers of Cuban, Haitian and Brazilian techniques, for much of her adult life. Over the years, Janelle developed courses in Somatic Education for Antioch University and taught master classes at universities including the University of Washington, Southern Methodist, Bastyr Universities and Whitman College. She taught as an adjunct professor at The Evergreen State College for 15 years, delivering Afro-Brazilian dance expertise with a unique infusion of Feldenkrais know-how.

In recent years, Janelle has focused her Feldenkrais interests on babies, toddlers and the people who care for them, using the Child’Space Method® developed by Chava Shelhav. Janelle now divides her time between Feldenkrais Functional Integration® private sessions, Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® classes, Child’Space private sessions & immersions, and Child’Space Moms & Babies classes.

Janelle seeks to help people be more in conversation with their bodies, enabling them to settle, feel more deeply, and heal. 


I leave each session feeling very light and happy, like I have been re-introduced to a very comfortable core being within me. As a professional musician who dealt with chronic pain issues, I have so much gratitude for Janelle. She supported and guided me through a wonderful breakthrough. I now feel very grounded and full of ease while performing on stage

Catherine Barrett


Janelle facilitates a process of multidimensional wellness. She creates a sense of ease that is invaluable for back pain and the whole being. Janelle worked with me prior to surgery and my absolutely incredible recovery was because of her work.

Allegra Klein, RN, MN

Holistic Nurse and Craniosacral Therapist, UW Post-Graduate Certificate in Complementary Medicine

The experience of being on Janelle’s table is feeling whole again, connected, relaxed, open and receptive. It’s like coming home, closer to what I felt like as a child, alive and healthy. It’s always very intense and deep, beyond the relaxation of muscle and more like the relaxation of the soul

Doug Yule

Violin Maker

With Janelle I have had pain and discomfort dissolve. I have had visceral memories of being lovingly held as an infant, sensing my complete trust, experiencing deep relaxation. I have laughed with joy. I recommend Janelle to all of my friends.

Gonya Loobey

Registered Nurse

Janelle Keane represents the best that can evolve out of studying and practicing Feldenkrais technique. In the many years I’ve received functional integration sessions from her, she has always demonstrated the brilliance of the technique itself, a keen sense of intuition, and abundant compassion. This is a rare combination in anyone, and it is what makes her a healer, not just a practitioner. To say I always feel I’m in good hands when I have a session with her doesn’t quite cover it: I am in good hands, good mind, and good heart.

Brenda Howald